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Shira was born in Toronto, Canada and moved with her family to Israel as a baby.  Growing up in the City of Raanana, Shira was raised in two cultures and her art was profoundly influenced by both.  Although she has lived her life immersed in Israeli society and influenced by the colors, sounds, anxieties and joys of a mediterranean culture sometimes at war, Shira spent her summers in the Prairies of Canada at her grandparents farm in northern Saskatchewan where the big skies and golden fields of wheat crops filled her dreams.  


Shira studied art under Israeli painter Leonid Balaklav and acquired her appreciation for the nuance of color and texture from him. Her current style of art was inspired by her travels in south east asia where her encounters with local artists introduced her to the technique of layering textures and colors to tell a story.


Shira currently studies textile design at Israel’s premier design school - Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.


Her art is contemporary, fresh and original.


Shira lives with her husband and son in Ra'anana, Israel

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